Carlyle Salon Ventura CA

Carlyle Hair Salon & Style Bar

At Carlyle we want to take you back to a place where great service and style was at the forefront of every occasion. Our hair salon and style bar are a reflection of Old Hollywood with a modern convenience. The era of Glamour inspires us. Simple and beautiful is our goal for every occasion. It is our pleasure to shape, color and style you!

Carlyle Salon Ventura CA


We are inspired by the Old Hollywood era.

Our wish to take you back to a time where

service & style were at the forefront of every occasion.

Carlyle Salon Ventura CA


At Carlyle our focus is a simple menu with a simple price point.

We want to avoid all the extras and in-betweens and keep it simple.

Carlyle Salon Ventura CA


We have become a bridal party destination serving

over 100 bride and bridal parties a year.

Carlyle Salon Ventura CA

It is an honor to work with such a talented team of artists . They are truly inspiring!  A huge thank you to ALL of Carlyle’s styling team for creating a family feeling early on and for sharing your talent with every guest that comes through the door.

Carlyle Salon Ventura CA