Salon Operations Covid-19

Dear Carlyle family,


Thank for being a loyal and supportive client of Carlyle Salon and Style Bar. We value your belief in us, and we have always taken your safety and health with the utmost seriousness and care. As licensed professionals it is not only our job, it’s our commitment. The recent events of this crisis have changed the way each of us live our lives and that’s no different here at the salon. With that in mind we to want walk you through what we are doing as a business to ensure your safety and health. We also will share the steps we need you to take so that we all work together to have the service experience you expect in the relaxed and nurturing way that you can count on from us. Please review this and let us know if you have any questions or if there are ideas or suggestions you have that can help us serve you and every guest we cherish here at Carlyle. Your care and comfort mean everything to us. Thank you for taking a moment to review this. We appreciate your patronage.


  • If a team member is sick or displaying symptoms they will stay home or be sent home to take care of themselves and the environment.


  • We will wear masks as it is required by our county.


  • We will require our guests to wear a mask as this is required by our county.


  • We use cleaning agents and sanitizers for our equipment to sterilize them in between each service. We follow strict guidelines as part of our requirements to maintain our license.


  • We offer “touch free” credit card processing options to lessen contact and promote less cash exchange (we prefer no cash tips during this time).


  • We wipe down our credit card terminals, seats, stations, door handles, menus, phones, and any area that comes into regular contact every 15 minutes


  • You will notice we have adjusted our hours in order accommodate the amount of people allowed in the business at any given time. We will also be using our outdoor area for waiting and color processing. Please know you may be asked to process outside, so please plan for that in the event it may warm or even cold outside. 


  • We are adding more time to appointments to help us clean and sanitize the environment in between guest visits.


  • It is our policy that every service provider washes their hands in between each appointment.


  • Each team member has passed a Health & Sanitation Test with a score of 100% in order to work with you and provide you the service you expect from us. This also includes a test provided to our industry by Barbicide.


  • All products that you purchase have been cleaned and sanitized prior to your purchase to ensure your safety


  • We are not offering regular blowouts or blowouts with color services at this time of re-entry. However, you will be booked for a blowout with a haircut service. This is temporary so that we can minimize the amount of time you are in our space and accommodate our demand. Remember it is temporary!


  • We will not have our usual beverages to offer our guests, we will have bottled water upon request




We are all in this together. In order to serve you to the standards we are committed to, we ask that you work with us to help keep you and everyone in the business safe. Please support us with the following steps:


  • Please come alone for your appointment.


  • You are required to wear a mask we prefer you bring your own mask; however, we will supply them as needed.


  • When you arrive call in to let us know you are here. Until health directives allow, we ask that you kindly wait in your car or outside in our seated patio area and we will call or text you when we are ready to serve you. Please arrive a touch early to allow us time for the check-in procedures and to sign a waiver.


  • Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer provided when you arrive and before you leave.


  • We request that you take advantage of our touch free options to pay by credit card to minimize a cash exchange


  • If you are sick or feel any symptoms of sickness, we ask that you reschedule your appointment with us.


  • We will also be taking your temperatures upon arrival.


  • We also would like to remind you to avoid being in our lobby for any extended time as we are aiming to keep that more for passing.


  • Please avoid bringing extra belongings.


  • We encourage our guests to continue to take advantage of purchasing their products curbside or delivery.  We now have our products for purchase online through our website (pickup, delivery, or to ship). When purchasing your products during a salon visit, let us know what you need, and we are happy to gather those items and have them ready upon checking out. During this time of operation, we would like to give you a courtesy notice that there will be a service fee of $2.00 per client/visit to offset the salons extra expenses on proper items needed to operate in the safest way possible (we will dismiss this fee when we are at our normal operations and notify you).


  • We thank you for your patience during this time, we have recently added texting as an option to communicate with our guests. We look forward to seeing you! And although this is a lot of new procedures to add to our workday and to your salon visits, we are grateful to be a part of this industry and are excited to have you in our chairs!