Q & A The Corner Room

Questions that we are often asked:

Is there a kitchen area for use?

We do not have a kitchen available for use. Light catering is encouraged. 

Can we bring our own alcohol?

We encourage the use of the room for professional use, but we understand that some occasions require a nice glass of rosé or a champagne toast!

Who is responsible for clean up?

We do ask our parties to clean- up their belongings and we do provide necessary items for clean-up. 

Is there a damage deposit?

Yes, if you are bringing in food or any kind of beverage, we do collect a deposit, in the event that something may get damaged or stained.  

Is anything included with use of the Corner Room?

Yes, we offer water, coffee, and tea. As well as cups, napkins, and glassware (we do have bridal packages that include more).

Can we play music?

Yes, you can bring your music source, if the listening level is moderate and respectful of the residence and businesses nearby. 

How late in the day is the room available?

Most days we offer the room up to 6:00pm, but we can arrange for a later closing if necessary.

Is there a restroom?

Yes, the restroom is located on the salon side and is available for our guests.

Can we change our clothes in the Corner Room?

Yes, we do have a small changing area available for your group.

Is there parking?

There is parking on our street (75 minutes) and a city lot nearby. At times, parking can be full and be a bit of a challenge.  If you can carpool or use an uber this can make your event flow more smoothly. If you, or someone in your group does plan on parking, we suggest planning and allowing yourself time to park. 

Can we add decorations?

Yes, if we can approve the method of hanging items and where (to prevent any damage).

Can we bring our own flowers?


Can we have a photographer present?

On most of our bookings you can have a photographer present.  We would like to be informed if you have one attending your event.